Baby Sittiing!

At Long Last

Finaly it has happened! We had been asked to babysit both Annaliese and Maryrose, but only for 1 night. The idea was for Linda and Robert to go out and stay out for their 11th wedding anniversary.
Sandra made sure we were on time. We were there the day before! The plot was for Linda and Robert to  leave at midday. They left at 4pm. Maryrose was a bit reluctant to stop howling after they went, and Annaliese calmed her down.
Maryrose, happy and smiling.

I resorted to many activities to keep the little darlings happy. As did Nan. A walk in the park was good. Playing with toys was another option, but these two wanted more, so I took them both to the caravan.
Annaliese and Maryrose discussing their next move.

After prising Annaliese from the Computer, I then had to show Maryrose the finer points of computing.
Demonstrating her new skills to Nan

Later that evening whilst Nan was getting Maryrose ready for bed, Annaliese showed me her collection of little dolls. I said something silly like "What a lot of Dolls". She then proceeded to set them up on Lindas Bed 
The Dolls. Not "Dolls" but Beanie Kids, I have been Told!

Annaliese has a  reluctance to brush her hair. So she volunteered to let Granddad do it for her.

Linda and Robert found their way home about midday. The Grandchildren were signed back to their parents and after a cup of tea Sandra and I started back home via Graham and Emma's.
Linda and Maryrose

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DONE Sending...

#1 Daughter | Reply 01.05.2012 23.10

Annaliese would be upset - they are not little dolls they're Beanie kids! :)
Thanks for babysitting however i still look a tired, you might have to come back!

Jess | Reply 01.05.2012 16.23

I love your commentaries. happy anniversary Linda and Rob!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Paul 01.05.2012 20.04

Thanks Jess. UPxx

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11.01 | 04:49


Tom Lawrence here again. Been a wee while -did you ever manage to find anything about your father and his time at 70 O.T.U?

08.08 | 19:29

my dad's name is Thomas Christopher Gannan and he was born in 1970. Sorry i dont know the exact date, as i am in foster care.

25.06 | 05:47

Paul. Thank you, and sorry for the slow response. In March we 'reburied' 4 airmen who disappeared in 1942 (ex 72 OTU) and am working on another crew who are MIA

21.01 | 17:54

G'day Tom. I will see what I can find for you and let you know. My name is Paul and am Geralds eldest son.

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