Approaching Bonnie Doon Bridge

The dam in front of the Motel is now part of the lake, again, after about 15 years.

Crossing the Bridge at Bonnie Doon. The last time the water was this high before 1996, if memory serves me correctly

Bonnie Doon

Behind Bonnie Doon

Fairy Garden made by Annaliese with many pieces provided by Uncle Graham and Emma

Linda and Maryrose

Big Smile

Cutting the cake. It was an Icecream Cake and the Chocolate bit was best.

From Bottom Left we have, Nan, Dad, Annaliese, Emma, Uncle Graham, Mum and Maryrose

Annaleise and her hoops

Maryrose and Annaliese at the Collingwood training run on 28 Sep 2011

Last week we went to Melbourne for Annalieses' birthday she is now 7 and of the sound opinion she is a Big Girl.

We had a nice little party and took a few photos. Mzaryrose was there too, and the great revelation was that she likes Chocolate Icecream. The little party was around lunch time as Annaleise had to go on a play date to the swimming pool with her friend Holly.

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DONE Sending...

Mary Brimelow | Reply 08.10.2011 17.47

These are beaut. I have enjoyed seeing all the family and send Annaliese my love and best wishes. Maryrose looks very familiar to me - must have the Gannan look

Annaliese ingham | Reply 06.10.2011 23.35

g'day granddad
i liked the video of me and the photo's. I have been acros that big bridge
maryrose looks very funny in the photos of her. love Annaliese xox

Judy | Reply 05.10.2011 23.16

Love the Fairy Garden or should that be the "little Garden" mines looking a tad sad and over grown, better get it looking good before Annalise comes to visit

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11.01 | 04:49


Tom Lawrence here again. Been a wee while -did you ever manage to find anything about your father and his time at 70 O.T.U?

08.08 | 19:29

my dad's name is Thomas Christopher Gannan and he was born in 1970. Sorry i dont know the exact date, as i am in foster care.

25.06 | 05:47

Paul. Thank you, and sorry for the slow response. In March we 'reburied' 4 airmen who disappeared in 1942 (ex 72 OTU) and am working on another crew who are MIA

21.01 | 17:54

G'day Tom. I will see what I can find for you and let you know. My name is Paul and am Geralds eldest son.

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