Annaliese and Maryrose

Sandra and Maryrose

Big sisters thumb tases OK!

My nose and Maryrose

Sandra, Annaliese and Maryrose

Linda, after all the excitement

Sandra and Maryrose

Linda and Mary rose

Annaliese and Maryrose or Me and my little sister!

Just Some pictures of Maryrose
(more to follow)

Do not forget to double click on the pictures to get a larger image!!

I made a blue when I posted the name Mary Rose, it is, actually Maryrose!
I have  put more pictures in the album, there will be many more to follow. 

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DONE Sending...

AJ | Reply 13.03.2011 19.43

Cool, looking forward to a cuddle xxx

Aunty Judy | Reply 14.02.2011 16.07

Wonderful pictures, Well done Lindy!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda 13.03.2011 18.34

Thanks AJ! Will have to bring her up to visit soon

Jess | Reply 12.02.2011 16.53

Just beautiful. Linda looks awesome. Xxxx

linda 13.03.2011 18.33

of course i do! :)

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11.02 | 17:17

Hi Bianca,just found this message,only took 3 years,hope you are well. Tom is a cousin of mine. Happy to keep in touch with you.

06.09 | 17:51

G'day Elizabeth, Thank you for the contact. Paul Gannan

06.09 | 17:11

It is good to know about The Gannan Family Tree in details. WIll let my family know about this after my

11.01 | 04:49


Tom Lawrence here again. Been a wee while -did you ever manage to find anything about your father and his time at 70 O.T.U?

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