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What I hope to Achieve

It is hoped that by starting this web site I, we, us and them might put some of the family history in writing, with appropriate photos, for the education of the current and future generations of the Gannan Family.
The idea is to start with Mum and Dad (Alma and Gerry) and their children. You will be requested to give a summary of what you have done, who you married and your children. It would be good if you could include a story about yourselves and each of your children. These stories are the basis of history and I think a recorded history is a good thing.
Our extended family from Mum and Dad is around 60 aged between 66 and two years old. Add to that our cousins, that is, the children of Dads brothers and sisters and you can see that the numers start to add up to a formidable total.
For Nan and Granddad Gannan, Margaret and Jim, I will rely on information from Uncle Tony, Aunty Mary B, and Ann Daniel plus the book The Daniel Family. For Nan and Granddad Brereton I have memories of my own plus whatever I can glean from their grandchildren. As for Uncle Eric, again I have some information, you may be able to supply stories about your interaction with him, and Aunty Grace will help me with at least 20 years of his life.
Myself and Linda at Virginias on Boxing Day 2008

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DONE Sending...

Judy | Reply 09.02.2011 22.50

Seen the photos at last , thanks to Billie's face book top shots, 'love to you all congrats

Ken | Reply 09.02.2011 10.40

Hi Paul, Sandy n Linda, congrats on bein Grandad and Grandmar again,good stuff Linda n Rob on the safe arrival of Maryrose
Love Ken and yve

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11.02 | 17:17

Hi Bianca,just found this message,only took 3 years,hope you are well. Tom is a cousin of mine. Happy to keep in touch with you.

06.09 | 17:51

G'day Elizabeth, Thank you for the contact. Paul Gannan

06.09 | 17:11

It is good to know about The Gannan Family Tree in details. WIll let my family know about this after my

11.01 | 04:49


Tom Lawrence here again. Been a wee while -did you ever manage to find anything about your father and his time at 70 O.T.U?

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